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The document was last updated on 18 07.2018 1.

1. This document describes the rules of collecting, processing, and protecting the data of the guests of the Maltański Hotel in Kraków 

This document describes the rules of collecting, processing, and protecting the data of the guests of the Maltański Hotel in Kraków  By giving you this information, we fulfil the obligation imposed on us as Personal Data Collectors by art. 13, and 14 of the   Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) i.e. RODO

2. The Data Collector 

The Data Collector is Michał Mikulski conducting economic activity by the name of Michał Mikulski, Berry  Apartments ul. Krakowska 17, 30-698 Lusina, Tax Identification Number: 9442164499, Business Activity Number: 123242742, e-mail address:, telephone number: +48 889 720 702 

3. The Source of Personal Data:
We only process the data you gave us: 
  • While making the booking through booking services (,,, and
  • While making the booking directly through our website:
  • While filling in the registration card 
  • While filling out our contact form  our website, after contacting us by e-mail, or through our Facebook account 

4. The purpose, and legal basis of processing personal data:

We collect your data for the following reasons:

(1) It is essential for the implementation of the contract we conclude :
  • It enables contact regarding your arrival, and other issues related to your stay at the hotel   
  • It enables the making of the booking, making a payment order, and making the payment  
  • It enables the handling of complaints, and redress
(2) We are obliged to process your data by legal provisions for tax, and accounting purposes. Even if we give you just the receipt, and not the invoice, which does not contain your data, we have to archive, and document our services, because of  tax regulations

(3) If you agree to it, we will be able to send you information on our offer 

5. Cookies 
When you use our website, and after agreeing to our privacy policy your data is collected automatically. The data may be collected by cookies, and include : your IP address, domain name, type of browser, and type of operating system 

6. The data you have to give us
In order to book a room, and conclude a contract with us, you have to give us the following data: 

First name, last name, address,  telephone number or e-mail address, identity card series, and number, the data related to the payment for the services, when booking, as an entity conducting economic activity, in order to receive an invoice: first name, last name, name of economic activity, address, and tax identification number Giving us the data is voluntary, but without it, concluding a contract with us regarding your stay at our hotel, will be impossible. 
All the data will be processed by us. It may happen that the legal regulations will oblige us to obtain other personal data from you as well- for accounting and tax purposes. If this happens, we will provide you with a separate piece of information on the matter. 

7. The processed data:
We will process the data listed in point 6, and, apart from that:
  • payment history, and the data related to making the payment (i.e. account number, credit card number) 
  • data related to cookies- if you use our website, please familiarize yourselves  with the cookie policy 

8. Your rights related to our use of your personal data:

1) The right to access your data

2) The right to rectify, erase, or restrict your data (there are situations, in which your demand to erase the data cannot be met- this results from tax regulations, which oblige us to store certain documents, including those containing personal data, for a specified amount of time)

3) To demand: the transfer of data, not to be subjected to automatized decision-making, including profiling, as well as the right to oppose to the processing of your personal data 

4) The right to file a complaint to a supervisory authority

5) The right to withdraw your consent for data processing- with regard to the issues, it was given for.
If you have any queries regarding personal data protection, please e-mail us at:

9. Sharing your data:
We share your data only within the scope of our activity, and only to the extent, to which it is necessary:
  • with entities providing payment services (including electronic payments) 
  • with entities providing us with accounting, (data visible on our invoices, and bank statements), and legal services (only in the event of the occurrence of a legal problem) 
  • with entities providing us with IT services, for our system of bookings, our system of managing apartments/rooms ,for our electronic mail, and those looking after the security of our computer system, and with web hosts
 We do not share data to any entities for the purposes of marketing, trade, or statistics 

10. The period of storing your personal data 
We store your personal data for the period necessary for the performance of the contract, and then for a period necessary to fulfill the obligations resulting from legal provisions, in particular tax legislation, and for a period in which redress related to the contract concluded between us  would be possible. If you cancel your booking, we do not store your data. 

11. We do not transfer data to countries located beyond the European Economic Area, or to international organizations 

12. Automatic data processing
Your personal data may be processed in an automatized manner, but they will not be profiled. The processing of your data will not have any significant impact on your situation, and will not produce any legal effects, as far as you are concerned

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