The Hotel’s Rules, and Regulations
The owners of the Maltański Hotel, situated at ul Straszewskiego 14, 31-101 Kraków, will be grateful for your cooperation in abiding by these rules, and regulations, which were devised to ensure  the peace , and safety of all Guests. 
  1. The rooms at the Maltański Hotel, are rented out  by hotel days.
  2. The hotel day lasts from 2pm to 12 noon the next day.
  3. If the Guest does not specify the duration of their stay, the room is assumed to be rented out for one day .
  4. Should the Guest wish to prolong their stay beyond the period stated on arrival, they should request it on the evening preceding the last night of their stay.
  5. The Maltański Hotel obliges the request of  prolonging a stay whenever possible.
  6. The Maltański Hotel provides services in accordance with its category, and standard. Should you have any reservations regarding the quality of our services, please, report them at the reception desk as soon as possible, for us to be able to react as fast as possible
  7. The Maltański Hotel is obliged to provide: the conditions for the full, and unhindered leisure of the Guest, safety of the stay, including non-disclosure of information on the Guest, a professional, and polite service, cleaning the room, and doing the necessary repairs of appliances, during the Guest’s absence, and in his presence only if they express their consent, and wish of such actions.
  8. Upon the Guest’s request, the hotel provides the following services free of charge: providing information related to the stay, and then trip, storing the luggage of the Guests, that had checked into the Hotel, helping to organize various kinds of additional services, in order to diversify the stay of our Guest
  9. The Guest should inform the reception of the occurrence of a damage immediately on noticing it. Otherwise, the Guest shall be charged directly with the cost of repair of the stated damage.
  10. The rules of responsibility for the car left at the car park, or other vehicle owned by the Guest, are regulated by the Rules, and Regulations of the Car Park.
  11. The Hotel Guest bears material responsibility for any damage, or destruction of items, equipment, or technical devices on the Hotel premises, which was their, or their visitors’ fault.
  12. Every time they leave the room, the Guest should check if the door is locked.
  13. The Guest must not pass the room on to third parties, even if the period of the stay he had paid for, has not yet expired.
  14. Persons, who had not checked in at the Maltański Hotel, can  stay in its hotel room from 6 am to 10 pm.
  15. The quiet hours at the Maltański Hotel last from 10 pm to 6 am the next day .
  16. For fire safety reasons, it is forbidden to use water heaters, irons, and other similar appliances, which are not part of the room’s equipment
  17. The Hotel may refuse to accommodate a Guest, who ,during their previous stay, had flagrantly violated these Rules, and Regulations , doing damage to the Hotel’s or other Guest’s property, to other Guests, to Hotel staff members, or to other persons being on the premises, or had disturbed the peace of guests, or the functioning of the Hotel in another way.
  18. Personal effects, left behind by the Guest in his room, will be sent back to the address indicated by the Guest. If such an instruction is not received, the Hotel shall store the items for the period of 3 months. 
  19. The Hotel’s liability for losses or damages of items brought into the Hotel by the Guests is regulated by the provisions of Articles 846-849 of the Civil Code
  20. The Hotel’s liability for the loss, or damage of money, securities, valuables, or items of scientific, or artistic  value, shall be limited if they are not given for safekeeping. 
  21. The behavior of Guests, and other people making use of the Hotel’s services, should not disturb the peaceful stay of other Guests. The Hotel may refuse to provide further services to Guests who breech this rule.
  22. The Hotel reserves the right to charge an additional fee amounting to PLN 500 for smoking in a non-smoking room. The aim of the fee is to cover the costs of an additional hotel day, during which the room shall be aired, and if need be, renting out special equipment for the ozonization of the room.